Neti Pot Season

by Dr. Rande Lazar on September 15, 2012

Here’s a favorite snippet of a therapy that’s a little messy, but effective and natural: The “Neti Pot” (or nasal lavage). The video below is from the spring with Fox 13, but as mentioned, the early fall is classically a bad allergy season. This year will be particularly harsh with higher pollen counts over an extended period.

Many people who suffer from allergies and/or sinus pain can also be helped with traditional therapy or over-the-counter preparations. Unfortunately, medical treatment is not always effective. In more severe cases, endoscopic sinus surgery can often provide relief. Here’s a section on our site about Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Relief from Sinus Pain.

The Neti Pots are available over the counter without a prescription at local drug stores (we’ve seen Neti Pots at RiteAid, Walgreens, etc…). Only use as directed.

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